Rubold Fur Perfection Tool

Rubold Fur Perfection Tool is meant for pet owners that find grooming to be a painful experience. You can join several satisfied dog owners who use this tool in grooming their pets in a painless and effective way. In fact, even your dogs will enjoy the grooming sessions. Unlike other detanglers that scratch and irritate the skin due to pointed edge, this tool comes with unique rounded edge teeth, which glides and prevents scratching. It often offers a soothing massage that your dog will like. After a single use, you may be surprised how much hair comes off. After use, your dog will look shiny and healthy.

Rubold Fur Perfection Tool Features

  • Comfortable. The unit is very easy to use and does not cause pain or scratches. It has 26 precision teeth that offers gentle and precise dematting even for dogs that have sensitive skin. From the outside it is rounded.
  • Effective. With this tool, you can eliminate hair all around the house. Just a simple brushing can remove a lot of unnecessary dead undercoat from your pet. You will find it to be a top choice for the medium to the long-haired coats of any given breed.

Rubold Fur Perfection Pros

  • All-in-one tool desheds, detangles, dematts
  • Easy to use
  • Painles – dogs enjoy it!
  • For short, medium and long coat types

Rubold Fur Perfection Tool Review

One of the recent customers that purchased the Rubold Fur Perfection Tool said, “I am a dog groomer and have tried tons of undercoat rakes and this is hands down the best. Every groomer in my salon asks to borrow it when they have a furry dog! It also works amazing for long haired cats!!!! Just be careful you don’t over brush because sharp products like this can cause brush burn. But it is definitely worth it I absolutely love this product.”

Dematting Tool for Dogs – The Best Dog Grooming Comb for Undercoat Removal Professional Rake Brush for Small, Medium and Large Breeds with Medium and Long Hair Coats – Rubold Fur Perfection

Rubold Fur Perfection Tool is a top gift for pet owners. It does deshedding, detangling, and brushing at same time. Pleasant and easy to use.



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