Stop Labrador Retriever Digging

Frustrated And Want to Stop Your Retriever Digging In Your Yard or Garden? Getting your new dog is a wonderful time but when your cute little Labrador starts digging up your garden and back yard it becomes a major frustration. Digging is completely natural for dogs, it’s instinctive behavior which we don’t want to put a complete stop to. If your Labrador is a perpetual digger then you need to provide an outlet for him without him being allowed to destroy your garden. Initially it’s a good idea to supervise him in the back yard or garden area. Under your…

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labrador pulling on leash

Discover Tips and Tricks to Stop Labrador Retriever Pulling on Leash and Enjoy Your Walks Again Your Labrador retriever dog is strong and muscular and if you don’t begin leash training early you might find yourself being pulled around the block! There is nothing that spoils a lovely walk than a Labrador retriever pulling on leash. Most Labrador Retriever dog owners fail to understand the importance of leash training, in fact this goes for most dog owners. They seem to think you clip a leash on a dog and eventually he will walk nicely alongside you. Generally speaking that never…

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