german-shepherd whining

How To Stop Dog Whining Does your German Shepherd whine a lot? Whining is actually quite common in dogs, it is after all a means of communication, a way of getting your attention, they are most likely trying to tell you something. It’s important to know how to react to each type of whine so that you don’t encourage w whining behavior. Dogs whine for a variety of reasons, here are the most common reasons a dog whines. Needs Toilet A housetrained dog typically will whine when he needs to go outside to toilet, usually the dog will whine by…

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Stop German Shepherd Barking

Discover Tips and Tricks to Stop German Shepherd Barking Do you have a dog that constantly barks? Dog barking is a natural behavior in dogs and it is not wise to stop your dog barking completely. A dog barks when they are excited or scared, they bark when they hear someone approach the home as they are protective of their surroundings and their family. But unwanted incessant barking does get on one’s nerves and that of your neighbors. If you live in a city they have bylaws that prevent your dog’s barking from affecting the peace and quiet of the…

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