Avoiding Dog Fights On A Walk

In some areas there is a danger of encountering a dog fight when you walk your dog.  Would you know what to do in this situation?  There are some things you can do to protect your dog and reduce the possibility of this problem occurring.

It goes without saying that your dog should be leashed when you walk him.  Make sure he has a good collar and a strong leash.  A walk is a bad time for a leash to break.  You may wish to carry a spare, just in case. I once had a leash snap and had to resort to using a carrier bag to use as a leash, it was not a good experience, so a good quality leash and collar is important. Don’t trust dollar store leashes and collars to keep your dog safe.

One of the best things you can do to avoid dog fights when you walk your dog is to train your dog.  If you have a well-trained dog then you will be in at least some control of the situation.  It’s always best to leave the situation if possible and you want to have a dog who will listen to you under the most trying circumstances.  If your dog is trained then he should walk away with you when you tell him to, if that’s possible.  Sometimes it’s not.

If your own dog is the one who tends to pick fights then you must be very careful to walk him aloneHe should also be muzzled.  And, you need to walk him in areas where you are unlikely to encounter stray dogs who might respond to his posturing. The last thing you want is a child or another person to be injured due to your dog’s dominant nature.

It’s a good idea in general not to walk where there will be few strays.  You never know how they will act and they could be carrying diseases that you don’t want to expose your own dog to.

If you regularly encounter and aggressive dog on walks, try a different route or change the timing of your walks. It is always best to avoid a possible problem than to keep risking something happening.

Some people recommend carrying an umbrella to pop open in case another dog attacks.  You can also carry some kind of repellent spray, such as pepper spray.

There is mixed opinion about whether you should carry more severe preventives.  Chains?  Prods?

Some people recommend them.  Some people consider them excessive and possibly abusive.  They could drive away a dog that is attacking your dog but they can also cause injury.

You should check with animal control and dog trainers in your area and see what they recommend.  It may be illegal to carry some kinds of devices depending on where you live.

The best way to avoid fighting on a walk (or on a leash) is to properly socialize your dog while he’s a puppy.

Well-socialized dogs have less  tendency to fight. 

But any dog can be jumped on by another dog.  If you are walking your dog and he is attacked the best thing for you to do is to drop the leash and let your dog defend himself.

Try to call him off verbally but do not physically put yourself between the two dogs.  You will be injured.

Try to get your dog’s attention but do not put yourself at risk.  The dogs will sort it out quickly and you can go home.


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